A Basic Guide To Golf Clubs

Whether you’re just starting your golfing hobby, or are already an experienced player, it can be tricky to know where to start in terms of equipment you’ll need and what different clubs are used during a round of golf. There are six main types of golf club; here we take a look at each one and give our product recommendation to help you choose the right equipment and play your best!


Drivers are used for the tee shot,so they’re the first club that you’re likely to ever buy or indeed use on a course. The driver is the longest club in golf and has the largest head of all clubs as well, which is why it is used for driving the ball as far as possible into the fairway.

Fairway Woods

Fairway woods are from the same category as drivers and are used to hit the ball to distance but not as far as drivers. These clubs can also be used when looking for a little more control from the tee off on shorter holes.


Hybrid golf clubs are much newer than the traditional clubs and have the combined features of wood and iron-type clubs. These clubs are often used by recreational golfers as they are easier to use and more flexible – they could even replace up to four types of iron clubs!


Irons are specifically made for short and mid-range shots. These clubs are much thinner than woods and drivers for increased accuracy and have deep grooves in the club head to create spin on the ball. For close shots that require accuracy, iron’s are the choice to go for.


Wedges are used to get out of sticky situations on the golf course. If you’ve landed in the rough or the sand, the shape of a wedge will allow you to get the height and trajectory you need to get out.


Finally, putters are arguably the most important club in the game as they get the ball in the hole. Putters have no loft or bounce and just a flat club face to ensure the best accuracy on smooth surfaces.

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