Blog Takeover with Tim Poyser

Amongst the team here at GolfClubs4Cash we are lucky enough to have 4 PGA pro’s working in different areas of the business, one of which is Tim Poyser.

Tim is a caddy on the European Tour and has been a caddy in 18 European Tour events this year alone, including events in Dubai, South Africa and Europe. Whilst most of his time is spent caddying in the European tour, players only play a maximum of 30 weeks a year so during his free time Tim splits his working life between GolfClubs4Cash and caddying at different courses around Scotland. Tim is also a PGA Professional, having done his training at The Renaissance Club, East Lothian and Houston Oaks, Texas.

We recently caught up with Tim to find out more about his time on the European Tour and asked him for some golf tips!

What tips can you give readers from your time on the European Tour this year?

“There appears to be a misconception that tour players mostly use blade style irons, when in real life most players use more forgiving clubs such as Ping I210’s or combo iron sets such as Callaway Apex Forged mixed with Callaway Apex Pro’s.

My advice to club amateurs is that many players use clubs that are too difficult to hit. They should make it as easy as possible for themselves. Cavity back irons have evolved over recent years and they now have similar feel and manoeuvrability to blade irons. There is no shame in using a more forgiving club. Practising with a more forgiving club doesn’t deflect from your level of skill in the long run.”

What clubs would you recommend for this?

“Personally, I would recommend a Taylormade 760’s, Callaway Apex Forged & Ping 210’s.”

What advice would you give to someone who is purchasing new clubs or clubs for the first time?

“Before purchasing clubs all golfers should seek quality advice. GolfClubs4Cash is great because we have 4 PGA Professionals, and a wealth of experienced staff, who can provide customers with guidance throughout the process of choosing the correct clubs to suit them.”

And that brings us to our final question, what do you enjoy the most about working at GolfClubs4Cash?

“The best thing about working at GolfClubs4Cash is that all the staff are genuinely so passionate about golf and it’s their hobby as well as their occupation. There is so much knowledge and enthusiasm which makes it a great environment to be in.

The hitting net means that customers can experience the clubs before they buy them, and the 14-day return policy means you can try the clubs on the course in an authentic environment.”

If you are thinking of buying or purchasing clubs, our friendly showroom is open 7 days a week where we have thousands of secondhand golf clubs, shafts, golf bags and iron sets in stock, or you can visit our website: www.golfclubs4cash.co.uk

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