Empowering women on the golf course.

With the Solheim Cup approaching, it’s a great time to highlight gender inclusion in the golfing world. After all, inclusion populates sporting industries and makes them more interesting, progressive and profitable.

In recent years, the golfing world has made a significant effort to highlight the importance of encouraging more females to feel more confident and empowered when playing golf, because despite discernable talent and dexterity, many females have spoken up about not feeling entirely welcome on the golf course.

Many campaigns have since been birthed to inspire inclusion and re-brand golf as a gender-neutral environment. The LPGA Women’s Network started the #InviteHER initiative to encourage more women to take up golf and to invite the females in their life to take up the sport as well.  Participation programs such as Girls Golf Rocks aims to encourage more women to learn golf and now operates across 21 different countries.

Other modifications within the golf industry to encourage more female players include a rise in women only golf clubs to make women feel less self-conscious when spending time playing golf.

Golf fashion has also reached an iconic status and has seen a surge in female customers in recent years. Companies such as Ralph Lauren and Nike have created womens golf wear collections to aid fashion and practicality simultaneously, thus contributing to a more dynamic and inclusive environment both off and on the golf course.

Despite an effort being made across the golfing industry to invite more women to take up the sport, as it stands less than 20% of golfers across the UK and Ireland are female. Progress may be slow, but it has been predicted that inviting more women to take up golf, as well as widening the demographic further by including more teenagers and young people, could make billions for the golf industry and create a more sustainable and diverse industry.

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