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Have these trying times caused me to fall back in love with golf?

Working in the golf industry for 25 years and incurring an infuriating mental frailty regarding chipping had put a massive strain on my relationship with golf.

A disastrous display in our lads golf trip to Marbella at the tail end of last season had me declaring myself done with the ‘stupid game’ and I simply was not enjoying it as I continually contrived to take a double bogey after a promising tee shot.

I had deliberately avoided playing golf this year until the tragic outbreak of COVID-19. Amid the disruption of normal daily life, my teenage son asked if I would take him to the driving range to which I reluctantly agreed but declared “I will just watch you hit some”. However, within a few shots I was taking the club off him and showing him where he was going wrong and amazingly, I started striping everything with a Rory Mcllroy beautiful high draw.

Galvanised by hitting about 20 balls so well I let the thought creep in that maybe, just maybe I was not done with this infuriating game and my long-held plan to sell my clubs and abandon the sport could wait a little while longer.

Fast forward to 3 three days later and I had started to say a phrase that, like most people, I thought I would never say: “I’m self-isolating”. Fourteen days in front of me where I am unable to go out not even to the shops and I was in a state of panic about how I would fill the days with something other than looming home improvements.

As I work in golf, I was taking careful notice of all developments regarding COVID-19 and how it is affecting the sport. First the Players championship was cancelled, so there was no prospect of watching that, followed by the Masters being postponed shortly after and my initial fears that all courses would be closed and golf mothballed until the autumn when the weather is reverting back to cold and miserable then looked increasingly likely. So, I resorted to practising golf in my back garden until the golf courses re-opened recently, much to my delight.

It is to my, and many others, belief that golf remains one of the safest sports to play at a social distance and, subsequently, myself and many others are able to flock to golf courses to spend their new found free time playing golf outdoors in the warm weather, amongst friends and at a safe distance.

This has been a saving grace for people’s mental and physical health, as well as those finding isolation difficult.

My Facebook has become abuzz with people organising a game, asking me what clubs they can buy from GolfClubs4Cash and checking what golf clubs are open whilst getting quite excited about a few hours out in the fresh air with their mates. I must add that the golf courses have inadvertently become amazing at advertising themselves and the game, emboldened by it being one of the true sporting options at that time to keep people outdoors and socialising.

The doom and gloom around golf was replaced with everyone extolling its virtues. I think golf will be better for it in the long run.

For myself while in isolation, I had taken the time to content myself with a few instructional videos from Padraig Harrington on how to chip better and continue to practice it in my back garden, the divots out the lawn are testimony to the fact that I’m not perfect but more certainly optimistic and grateful to pass the time playing this sport.

Helpfully with time on my hands I have started watching YouTube clips of memorable Opens and Masters tournaments, the ones from when I was young and golf made such an impression on me: Seve in ’84, Nicklaus in ’86 and Sandy Lyle in ’88. I can almost feel, taste and smell what golf was back then and how much we loved to play as juniors. We would make our way to the course in the morning – 18 holes, a quick break for some chips and cheese then back out for another 18 holes. Then, if it were light enough, we would have a putting competition after that before reluctantly going home with a plan to repeat it all again the next day. I shot my best scores ever in these days using hand me down bladed irons a wooden driver and a Top Flite XL.

I have concluded golf has been made too complicated and we need to simplify it again. This period has renewed mine and so many other people’s love of golf and the sport continues to provide a sanctuary to those suffering during these unprecedented times. With my revived love of the game, I am already looking forward to indulging in more games over the summer.

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First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, Details Return Of Golf In Scotland

Following on from Golf courses in the rest of the UK being permitted to re-open, Nicola Sturgeon, The First Minister of Scotland, has confirmed that if progress is made then restrictions on playing outdoor sports, including Golf, will be lifted ‘a few days’ after the next Government Coronavirus review on the 28th of May.

She stated that: “Within a few days of that we will aim to allow, for example, for outdoor activities such as limited outdoor sporting activities such as golf,”

“Within two weeks we will be taking concrete steps on our journey, I hope, to normality.”

On the matter of Golf resuming in Scotland, Scottish Golf avowed: “Following the First Minister’s daily briefing on Monday 18 May, Scottish Golf welcomes the announcement that more detail will be shared later this week on Scotland’s road map out of the current lockdown restrictions in Scotland.

“Scottish Golf are working through final details with the Scottish Government and sport Scotland to ensure that when the time is right, Golf can be included in any extension to restrictions and we look forward to sharing more detail of the Scottish Government’s publication on Thursday.”

As well as Golf being able to resume, Nicola Sturgeon also detailed hopes for other restrictions to be lifted including:

  • Spending more time outdoors
  • Being able to resume some outdoor work
  • Spending time with members from other households, so long as social distancing is maintained
  • Shoppers being able to visit Garden Centres again pending their re-opening


This announcement comes shortly after lockdown measures have been eased in England.

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It’s BACK! Golf Clubs in England have been given permission to re-open on Wednesday 13th May.

It’s BACK! Golf Clubs in England have been given permission to re-open on Wednesday 13th May.

What do we know so far?

It has been announced that Golf Courses can open once again in England from Wednesday 13th May. This means that Golfers can play with members from their own household or one member of another household, provided they adhere to social distancing rules.

When will you be able to return to your local Golf Club?

It’s understood that Golf Courses will be ready to re-open at different stages although many are believed to have been prepared for a re-opening and this should mean that it won’t take too long for them to be open again. Keep up to date with your local club’s progress on their social media and website.

England Golf and the R&A formed a joint initiative to create guidelines to support Golf Clubs in staying up to date with safety measures to be taken and re-opening guidelines.

What will have changed?

It is believed that some safety measures put in place once Golf Club’s reopen may include:

  • Clubhouses, apart from toilets, will be shut.
  • Tee-times will have to be booked in advance.
  • Flagsticks are to remain in and should not be touched.
  • Social distancing measures should always be applied when playing with a member of another household.
  • Players should arrive 15 minutes before their tee-times and are required to leave as soon as they have finished playing.
  • Water fountains and ball washers are required to be removed or blocked off for use.

When will Golf Courses in the rest of The UK re-open?

As it remains the Golf Courses in other parts of the UK have not re-opened, however, the British And International Golf Greenkeepers Association are advising Golf Clubs to prepare for permission to re-open. It has been implied that this information may be delivered at either short notice or a couple of weeks’ notice.

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Is Golf The Safest Sport Right Now?

Is Golf the safest sport right now?

Many sources are advocating that Golf is the safest sport to be played during the Coronavirus outbreak. With an abundance of people spending their unexpected free time at the Golf Course, we have detailed below some reasons why Golf can be one of the safer sports to play during this time, but of course it’s important to advocate that everyone should diligently follow Government health guidelines and directories that best suit your health and circumstances.

  • Golf is a non-contact sport

One of the reasons Golf remains so popular at this time is because it’s a non-contact sport, which means a lot of people find it’s a great way to spend time doing an activity they enjoy without being in too close of a social proximity to others, but still benefiting from their company.

  • Golf is a social sport

Whilst being non-contact, Golf remains to be a social sport and brings people together. The period of isolation can be difficult for anyone and take a toll on people’s mental health, which is why some are finding solace in their local Golf Club where they can socialise whilst maintaining the recommended social distance.

  • It’s outdoors!

Even during these trying times which have introduced a new normal of working from home and quarantining for many, it can still feel important to get some fresh air. Golf is an outdoor sport which means players get to spend time outside in the fresh air.


  • Tis’ the season!

Golf season is approaching as well as the more pleasant spring weather. This is a perfect time to remember the importance of the simple things like brighter days, springtime flourishing around you and being in the moment.

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GolfClubs4Cash Guide to Golf Holiday Destinations

With January well underway and spring approaching, many golfers start to plan golf holidays. There is an overwhelming amount of destinations to choose from, so here is the GolfClubs4Cash guide to Golf Holiday Destinations:


Loch Katrine, Scotland

Scotland plays a quintessential part in the history of golf and, subsequently, is one of the most iconic places to visit for a golfing holiday. The temperature is considerably lower than many other famed golf destinations, but the views are incredible and it boasts some of the most iconic courses in the world, including Donald Trump’s Golf Course, Turnberry and The Old Course at St Andrews.

Antalya, Turkey

Antalya, Turkey

Antalya is famed for its beautiful courses and desirable temperatures. This cultured destination also offers plenty to do when you’re not on the golf course.

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon, Portugal, Golf by the sea

Portugal offers some of the most stunning golf courses in Europe as well as mostly dry, bright weather conditions. Lisbon now boasts golf courses that rival those of the coastal towns and attracts golfers from around the world.


Old Head Golf Links, Ireland

Dublin offers unrivalled nightlife along with scenic Golf Courses, making it a fantastic choice for a golf holiday with lots to do!

United Arab Emirates

Landscape of Green Golf Course, Dubai

Luxury golf holidays don’t get much better than those spent in The UAE. With desert temperatures all year round and some of the best kept courses in the world, The UAE offers a golf destination like no other.

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Top Gift Ideas for a Golfer

Choosing the perfect gift for someone can be difficult, particularly if you want to give them something both personal and useful. If there’s someone in your life who loves golf, we’ve got you covered when it comes to gift ideas. Whether it’s for a birthday or a January sale treat for yourself, we have a wealth of stock to accommodate both the beginner and experienced golfer alike. It’s the perfect time to take advantage of the January sales and treat yourself or the golfer in your life!  

Scorecard holder 

No golfer should be on the course without a scorecard to keep track of scores during their golfing rounds. A scorecard is a simple and easy way to keep track of scores, record statistics and take notes while playing golf. Buying a scorecard holder for the golfer in your life will benefit them in several ways, from protecting their scorecard from the elements to ensuring it stays safe during a game 

Lightweight bag 

Every golfer needs a suitable bag to carry around their equipment. However, there are lots of different bags to choose from, so why not give them a helping hand by choosing the perfect one for them? Stand bags, cart bags and carry bags are all suitable for the average golfer, with the cart bag being one of the most popular options. Just make sure you opt for a bag that is waterproof and lightweight to make their life easier on the course. Here at GolfClubs4Cash we pride ourselves ostocking a wide array of bags to suit our customers all over the world to suit their individual needs and settings.  

New golf club 

It sounds obvious, but you can’t play golf without a good golf club – so what better gift than a new  club? There’s nothing quite like playing with the right club on the course  and here at GolfClubs4Cash we constantly add to our stock of quality golf clubs. It’s important to note that different parts of a set will wear down at different times, with the wedges and driver typically going first. Buying new parts is a great investment for any golfer and will be useful too. We stock different headcovers as well as a wide array of grips.  

Golf Balls 

Choosing the right golf ball to suit yourself and fitted to your scoring clubs is vital to playing well. It’s important to find a style and brand that works for you and update your ball as required 

Gloves and Clothing 

The right clothing and gloves are crucial to being comfortable on the golf course and, subsequently, contribute to a well-played game of golf. The GolfClubs4Cash showroom and website are ideal for stylish golfers for all weather conditions and styles.   

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A Closer Look at Different Golfing Brands

The first shot that any golfer is going to hit on a course – whether they’re a pro or an amateur – is a drive. This is the first shot of any hole on a golf course and gets you from the tee-off to (hopefully) the fairway. This initial shot is all about distance and accuracy and positioning yourself well for the rest of the hole. Golfer Bobby Locke once said that you “drive for show, but putt for dough”, insinuating that it’s the final shots that count. Although that is certainly true for pros, it’s less true for beginners who may wish to master their drive before anything else. Although more seasoned golfers will focus on putting, burgeoning hobbyists must get used to swinging a driver.

Golfers aim to improve their drive and there are a number of techniques which can help. From placing just over half of your weight on your right side – which gives you a bit of a tilt to get more loft – to hitting the ball just above the centre of the clubface, getting a high launch and low spin is crucial. The techniques can be learnt over a long period of time with lots and lots of practice, however, to give you the best chance straight away, you’ll need some decent equipment.

It’s beneficial to have an insight in to different brands and what they specialise in.

The Best Golf Driver Brands

With a wealth of different golf brands, it can be difficult to know exactly where to start when shopping for golf equipment. Initially, it is important to ensure that the club fits you properly. Once you are confident that you have a suitably sized club, there are several great clubs to choose from at all price ranges. Here is a quick guide to some of the top brands:


Based in California, TaylorMade first made a name for itself for the quality of its metal drivers which would go on to dominate the entire market. This world-famous brand has sponsored some of the world’s most famous golfers, including Rory McIlroy, Tiger Woods, Rickie Fowler, Dustin Johnson, Jason Day and Jon Rahm.

The brand’s newest models of drivers are incredibly high-tech and some of them are trying to allow the golfers who use their products hit faster and further with a feature known as ‘Speed Injection’. Every TaylorMade M6 model has resin injected behind the screws which fix the face in. This resin stiffens the face of the club which can reduce flexibility and increases speed.

Cobra King

Another California-based golf brand, Cobra Golf was founded in 1973 by Australian amateur golf champion Thomas L. Crow and was instrumental in the innovation of utility clubs. Cobra was all about providing the golfing experience to the average and hobbyist golfer; understanding that a quality golfing experience should be available for everyone. This idea saw them begin creating graphite-shafted woods and irons so that they were more manageable for women and senior citizens. In the mid-90s, the King Cobra oversized irons became the bestselling irons in the sport and gave the brand a huge amount of kudos for pros and amateurs.

Some of the more recent drivers – like the Cobra King F9 Speedback – benefit from the latest technology to improve the performance and reduce drag. The improved crown shaping means that the ball can be hit much faster than many of its competitors. Cobra makes great equipment for the experienced and beginner golfer alike.


As opposed to the founding of Cobra by an amateur champion, Ping was started by Karsten Solheim – an engineer at General Electric who began making putters in his garage. Starting his business in 1959, Solheim was troubled by the difficulty of putting with the equipment available during that era so he invented a new putter called the Ping A1 which attached the shaft to the centre of the blade rather than the heel. Only three years later, the very first PGA Tour victory using a PING club arrived.

In terms of drivers, PING has also made a name for itself as one of the leading brands. The Ping G410 features adjustable weights to give the golfer more flexibility with their drive. The 16-gram weight can be unscrewed and moved between positions on the central heel or at the back of the heel. This movement can provide around 10 yards of correction and means that these clubs have a superior centre of gravity.


Callaway is currently the world’s largest manufacturer of golf clubs, selling through golfing retailers and mass merchants. They are also a leading brand when it comes to golf accessories and apparel. Ely Callaway Jr began his business career in the textile and wine industry and was a keen golfing hobbyist. Callaway bought half of his favourite golfing brand at the time – Hickory Sticks USA – when they came looking for investors and became the company’s president in ‘83. Hiring engineers from Du Point and Boeing, the brand quickly became known for its precision and quality and is still used by a number of pros today.

Known as some of the most advanced clubs in the game, Callaway drivers – like the Callaway X Hot Driver – for utilising thin wall casting technology to create lighter clubs which retain excellent centre of gravity and hitting power. These clubs offer plenty of forgiveness when it comes to side spin and high speeds can be achieved across the clubface.

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If you have old golf equipment which you would like to sell, we would be happy to help and also offer part exchange on your next purchase. All of our equipment comes with a 14-day money-back guarantee so, whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast looking to improve your game or a new beginner starting out, we can find the best golf clubs for you. If you don’t believe us, come down to the showroom where you can try out the equipment or seek advice from one of the four GolfClubs4Cash PGA professionals.

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Blog Takeover with Kieran Cantley

Golfer Kieran Cantley has been a member of the GolfClubs4Cash team for over 3 years. Following his many achievements in his golf career, we caught up with Kieran to discuss his golf journey so far and to find out more about what he is planning for the future.

Kieran’s golf journey began at a young age when his Grandfather took him to The Braids Golf Club aged 5 and began teaching him how to play golf. Accompanying his Grandfather to the golf course soon became a regular occurrence and he quickly developed an enthusiasm for the game. During this time, he simultaneously developed an interest in football which dominated his playing time and stopped him from playing golf. It was years before he returned to golf, reflecting on that time he stated: “I really just started to miss golf one day. I got my Mum to phone my Grandad and ask if I could start playing with him again. He bought me a set of clubs and we started playing together every week.”

The time soon came to choose between golf and football due to a lack of time to dedicate himself to both sports. It was a difficult decision but after suffering from an injury that affected him playing football, Kieran decided to focus entirely on golf. Of that time Kieran says: “Once I recovered from my injury, I was much stronger. I immediately started playing golf better; I could hit the ball harder and much further. I knew from that point that golf was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.”

Kieran joined Liberton Golf club aged 10 and is still a member today. Soon after becoming a member of Liberton Golf Club, he started to get chosen for junior teams and his performance continued to improve and garner more recognition. This led to him being chosen to play for his team in The Home Nations in 2011. The Home Nations were a test to Kieran’s ability, but he rose to the challenge and won. Winning The Home Nations was a pinnacle point in Kieran’s junior career. Reflecting on that time he says: “At that point it became clear to me that with enough dedication and hard work, I could really achieve my goals in golf.” Following this realization, Kieran applied himself diligently to developing further as a golfer. A fellow teammate at Liberton recommended Kieran to contact his now coach, Colin Brooks. Brooks has played a critical part in Kieran’s golfing career and remains his coach to this day.

With Brooks guidance, Kieran was put forward for The Scotland Trial’s and admitted into The Scottish Golf Academy for the next 2 years. During his time at The Scottish Golf Academy, Kieran underwent intensive training, numerous tests and greatly advanced as a golfer as a result, with his handicap steadily improving as did his overall performance. Kieran recalls: “My coach took me on full time when I was 16 and it was extremely beneficial, especially when playing my last year as a junior golfer aged 17. I then went on to successfully make it into the Scotland Team after playing in The Boys Home Internationals. At that point I started playing golf full-time for a year” Going full-time turned out to be a pivotal year that paved the way for Kieran to successfully transition from a junior player to becoming a full Scotland Men’s Member.

Aged only 22 and with so many accolades already under his belt, Kieran has now been awarded sponsorship and will turn Professional in January 2020. He remains as diligent and dedicated as ever by playing golf six days and three days a week additional training with his coach.

When asked about his hopes for the future, Kieran asserted: “One of my main goals is to hopefully get a challenge tour card at the end of the year and attend the European Tour. If I was to give advice to anyone that wanted to develop themselves as a golfer it would be to go and see a PGA Professional, preferably Colin Brooks. When I’m playing, I tend to use Srixon clubs and would recommend them to both the experienced and beginner golfer”

Guide to Avoiding Counterfeit Clubs

At GolfClubs4Cash we take great pride in being diligent when it comes to identifying fake golf clubs to ensure that our customers never have to worry about purchasing counterfeits when buying from us. Our staff consists of both golf experts with years of experience and PGA Professional’s who are proactive when it comes to spotting counterfeit golf equipment. However, counterfeit golf clubs remain a common problem throughout the industry. There are still a vast number of sites that are being used to sell counterfeit golf clubs and sometimes it can be difficult to spot the difference between counterfeit and authentic golf equipment.

Buying golf clubs online should be an enjoyable, risk free experience for the consumer but with so much counterfeit golf equipment being sold at appealingly low prices online, it can lead to disappointment and a financial loss for many.

As with any counterfeit product, clubs that are not authentic tend to be lesser quality and have a much shorter life span. The golf industry suffers greatly due to counterfeit golf equipment, and sadly, so do many genuine retailers. Luckily, there are some ways to differentiate between fake and authentic clubs. Here are our GolfClubs4Cash tips for spotting counterfeits to help make sure you don’t fall victim to the scam of fake golf clubs.

1-      If it seems too good to be true, it probably is:

When golf equipment is priced unusually low, that can often be an indication that it’s a counterfeit. It is unlikely that authentic, quality equipment would be sold for a lot less than it’s worth.

2-      Be cautious of full sets:

Selling clubs in a full set can often be indicative of counterfeit equipment or stolen goods, so be cautious if you come across a retailer selling a set of clubs.

3-      Check the serial number:

Most companies have a serial coding system, which can help when identifying the authenticity of a club. If there is no serial number, this can be a warning sign that the club Is a fake.

4-      Design:

There can be subtle, yet noticeable differences between the design of counterfeits and authentic clubs. For example, a slight colour difference and less defined graphics. Paying close attention to the design can be a useful way to avoid fake equipment.

Authorities are constantly working behind the scenes to crack down on counterfeit suppliers, as are many employees of large golf brands. At GolfClubs4Cash we have 4 PGA Professional’s and a wealth of experienced staff to help customers find the right club for them and whilst making sure no counterfeit items ever become available to our customers when shopping with us. If you have been the victim of fake equipment be sure to notify the e-commerce site you may have purchased it from. Alternatively, you can visit your local golf shop for confirmation of a products authenticity.

The GolfClubs4Cash showroom is open 7 days a week and is contactable by both phone: 01314404999 and email: info@golfclubs4cash.co.uk

Blog Takeover with Tim Poyser

Amongst the team here at GolfClubs4Cash we are lucky enough to have 4 PGA pro’s working in different areas of the business, one of which is Tim Poyser.

Tim is a caddy on the European Tour and has been a caddy in 18 European Tour events this year alone, including events in Dubai, South Africa and Europe. Whilst most of his time is spent caddying in the European tour, players only play a maximum of 30 weeks a year so during his free time Tim splits his working life between GolfClubs4Cash and caddying at different courses around Scotland. Tim is also a PGA Professional, having done his training at The Renaissance Club, East Lothian and Houston Oaks, Texas.

We recently caught up with Tim to find out more about his time on the European Tour and asked him for some golf tips!

What tips can you give readers from your time on the European Tour this year?

“There appears to be a misconception that tour players mostly use blade style irons, when in real life most players use more forgiving clubs such as Ping I210’s or combo iron sets such as Callaway Apex Forged mixed with Callaway Apex Pro’s.

My advice to club amateurs is that many players use clubs that are too difficult to hit. They should make it as easy as possible for themselves. Cavity back irons have evolved over recent years and they now have similar feel and manoeuvrability to blade irons. There is no shame in using a more forgiving club. Practising with a more forgiving club doesn’t deflect from your level of skill in the long run.”

What clubs would you recommend for this?

“Personally, I would recommend a Taylormade 760’s, Callaway Apex Forged & Ping 210’s.”

What advice would you give to someone who is purchasing new clubs or clubs for the first time?

“Before purchasing clubs all golfers should seek quality advice. GolfClubs4Cash is great because we have 4 PGA Professionals, and a wealth of experienced staff, who can provide customers with guidance throughout the process of choosing the correct clubs to suit them.”

And that brings us to our final question, what do you enjoy the most about working at GolfClubs4Cash?

“The best thing about working at GolfClubs4Cash is that all the staff are genuinely so passionate about golf and it’s their hobby as well as their occupation. There is so much knowledge and enthusiasm which makes it a great environment to be in.

The hitting net means that customers can experience the clubs before they buy them, and the 14-day return policy means you can try the clubs on the course in an authentic environment.”

If you are thinking of buying or purchasing clubs, our friendly showroom is open 7 days a week where we have thousands of secondhand golf clubs, shafts, golf bags and iron sets in stock, or you can visit our website: www.golfclubs4cash.co.uk

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