Guide to Avoiding Counterfeit Clubs

At GolfClubs4Cash we take great pride in being diligent when it comes to identifying fake golf clubs to ensure that our customers never have to worry about purchasing counterfeits when buying from us. Our staff consists of both golf experts with years of experience and PGA Professional’s who are proactive when it comes to spotting counterfeit golf equipment. However, counterfeit golf clubs remain a common problem throughout the industry. There are still a vast number of sites that are being used to sell counterfeit golf clubs and sometimes it can be difficult to spot the difference between counterfeit and authentic golf equipment.

Buying golf clubs online should be an enjoyable, risk free experience for the consumer but with so much counterfeit golf equipment being sold at appealingly low prices online, it can lead to disappointment and a financial loss for many.

As with any counterfeit product, clubs that are not authentic tend to be lesser quality and have a much shorter life span. The golf industry suffers greatly due to counterfeit golf equipment, and sadly, so do many genuine retailers. Luckily, there are some ways to differentiate between fake and authentic clubs. Here are our GolfClubs4Cash tips for spotting counterfeits to help make sure you don’t fall victim to the scam of fake golf clubs.

1-      If it seems too good to be true, it probably is:

When golf equipment is priced unusually low, that can often be an indication that it’s a counterfeit. It is unlikely that authentic, quality equipment would be sold for a lot less than it’s worth.

2-      Be cautious of full sets:

Selling clubs in a full set can often be indicative of counterfeit equipment or stolen goods, so be cautious if you come across a retailer selling a set of clubs.

3-      Check the serial number:

Most companies have a serial coding system, which can help when identifying the authenticity of a club. If there is no serial number, this can be a warning sign that the club Is a fake.

4-      Design:

There can be subtle, yet noticeable differences between the design of counterfeits and authentic clubs. For example, a slight colour difference and less defined graphics. Paying close attention to the design can be a useful way to avoid fake equipment.

Authorities are constantly working behind the scenes to crack down on counterfeit suppliers, as are many employees of large golf brands. At GolfClubs4Cash we have 4 PGA Professional’s and a wealth of experienced staff to help customers find the right club for them and whilst making sure no counterfeit items ever become available to our customers when shopping with us. If you have been the victim of fake equipment be sure to notify the e-commerce site you may have purchased it from. Alternatively, you can visit your local golf shop for confirmation of a products authenticity.

The GolfClubs4Cash showroom is open 7 days a week and is contactable by both phone: 01314404999 and email: info@golfclubs4cash.co.uk

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