The GolfClubs4Cash Guide to Golfing in the Winter months.

With October now well underway, the golf season may be coming to an end, but that doesn’t stop dedicated golfers from still getting out on the course. No-one understands the desire to continue playing all year round quite like the team here at GolfClubs4Cash, so we have collated a Guide to Golfing in the Winter Months.

1: Dress for the occasion

This might sound obvious but keeping warm without restricting your movement is vital to still playing well despite a drop-in temperature. However, be tactical: layer your clothing without sabotaging your performance by over doing it and make sure to keep your hands and head warm.

2: Alternate your ball

A cold ball wont travel as far as a warm one, so keep one in a warm place (your pocket would suffice) and alternate between the two to ensure that your game isn’t negatively affected by the impact that the cold weather can have on your ball. Alternating your golf balls is better than trying to heat one, which is prohibited during the round.

3: Go the distance

If you can, walk the golf course as much as possible. Not only will it keep you warm, it will provide a great workout and help you to keep warm.

4: No alcohol

As tempting as it may seem to have an alcoholic drink before getting out on the course, the alcohol will only decrease your body temperature and will most likely affect your performance negatively.

5: Don’t be too hard on yourself

Whilst it’s beneficial to keep playing and practising all year round, it’ worth remembering that playing in winter can be more difficult due to a number of weather related factors, so don’t be too hard on yourself if you aren’t playing as well as you do in better weather conditions.


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