A closer look at Wilson Sporting Goods

Wilson golf clubs are always popular at golfclubs4cash, and it’s not surprising when the brand name is so synonymous with sporting excellence across so many disciplines. Let’s find out more about this leading golf brand and dig into where it’s been… and where it’s going.

Wilson Sporting Goods

Wilson Sporting Goods is a US-based manufacturer of sports equipment - not just for golf but also for baseball, basketball, racquetball, tennis, squash and many other popular sports. Based in Chicago, Illinois, the company has been a subsidiary of Finnish brand Amer Sports since 1989, and also owns quite a few sub-brands that fall under the Wilson umbrella including Atec, EvoShield and DeMarini.

Would you believe us if we told you it all began in a slaughterhouse?

Of course you wouldn’t, but you’d be wrong. Back in 1913, Sulzberger & Sons set up the Ashland Manufacturing Company to repurpose animal by-products from the meatpacking process for things like tennis racquet strings and even violin strings. In 1915, Thomas E Wilson became president of the company, and renamed it the ‘Thomas E Wilson Company’. That’s when the brand’s product lines were expanded to include golf bags and sports equipment, and later widened out even further into footballs and basketballs (remember Cast Away?).
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What happened next?

When Wilson left in 1917, it was to focus on the beef-packing business (obviously more glamorous than golf… at least to him), and the brand was renamed the ‘Wilson Sporting Goods Company’. It continued to grow thanks to a burgeoning product portfolio, several acquisitions, and collaborations with other brands and sports people.

Wilson (as we know it now) evolved through the years, increasing its focus on golf. It introduced the R-90 sand wedge which was inspired by Gene Sarazen’s 1932 British Open win (Sarazen became a professional advisor to Wilson). The R-90 sold 50,000 units in its first year of sales. The following year (1933), Wilson launched the Wilson Ogg-mented irons, which revolutionised the way that clubs were made in the US because of the weight being moved from the heel into the sweet spot of the club head

Which golf pros use Wilson golf clubs?

At golfclubs4cash we pride ourselves on our extensive range of used Cleveland golf clubs in fantastic condition. From wedges to irons, and drivers to putters, we’ve got it all - at prices you won’t believe.Many other professionals have followed Sarazen into a lifelong love of Wilson golf clubs, such as Pádraig Harrington, Arnold Palmer and Kevin Streelman.

The future of Wilson Golf

Wilson may not be one of the first names that you think of when considering leading golf brands, but there’s no doubt that it’s still a big hitter and that it’s here to stay. Expect to see Wilson golf gear dominating the recreational and professional golf scene for many years to come.
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