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Stop before you buy - is that used golf club genuine?

At golfclubs4cash we can 100% guarantee that all of the used golfing equipment that we buy and sell is totally authentic and genuine - our expert eye doesn’t let anything slip through the net. Whether it’s golf clubs, golf bags or golfing accessories you’re looking for, we have the UK’s biggest range of used golfing equipment with worldwide delivery.

But it is always worth being alert to unscrupulous sellers out there who are trading in counterfeit golfing equipment, as it’s easier than you might think to get caught out by them.

Not only is buying and selling counterfeit golf clubs illegal, carrying heavy penalties and fines, but fake golf products have a considerable negative impact on the golfing community. People who unwittingly part with their hard-earned cash in return for a fake golf club find that it’s terrible quality and they can’t sell it on.

So wherever you’re buying your preloved golfing equipment from, it is always a good idea to swot up on how to spot the fakes, so you don’t accidentally find yourself out of pocket with a substandard club that is next to useless.

We all have a duty to raise awareness around the issue of counterfeit golf clubs, as the more alert we all are to the signs of a fake golf club we are, the harder it is for manufacturers of counterfeits to get one over on us.

Here are our four top tips for avoiding counterfeit golf equipment:

One - If it seems too good to be true, then it probably is.

You’d be forgiven for being pretty pleased with yourself for finding an absolute bargain on a second hand golfing equipment site. But stop, and think. If the price is strangely low, then it’s far more likely that the golf club is a counterfeit than it is that the seller wants to sell it to you at such a low price out of the goodness of their heart.

We all know how tempting it can be to turn a blind eye to the risks and take a chance on a golfing bargain, but bear in mind that if you end up with a fake golf club then it will be of very poor quality and it’ll affect your game. It will also be impossible to sell on (selling fake golfing goods is highly illegal, so don’t even chance it). All in all, it’s money down the drain.
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Two - Check the retailer’s credentials

Any used golf equipment retailer worth their salt wouldn’t dream of selling counterfeit goods in a million years. Always buy from a trusted source, and do your due diligence to ensure that the retailer adheres to all the legalities around trading. If you’re buying golfing equipment from eBay, look at what else the person is selling and what their reviews are like on a platform like Trustpilot (check out our 30k+ glowing reviews, for example). Trust your instincts and if something doesn’t feel right, then walk away.

Three - Check the serial number

Serial numbers can often give a lot away. If it’s been lasered rather than etched on then this can be a telltale sign that the club isn’t genuine, and you could always look up the serial number to see if it’s real. But be aware that counterfeit golf clubs can often have a replicated serial number on them, so this isn’t always a fail-safe way to ensure that it’s authentic or not. If there’s no serial number at all, it’s probably best to walk away.

Four - Check the design

When you’re buying used golf clubs online you’re often at the mercy of the quality of the images supplied. If the pictures are poor quality this can mask all manner of defects such as the grip not quite lining up, poor fonts and incorrect colours. Ask for some higher-res, close-up photos so you can inspect the design. Remember the devil is in the detail, so pay close attention to the tiniest flaws that could give you the clues you need to determine if a club is genuine or not.

The brand will be clearly marked on authentic golf clubs

At golfclubs4cash we’re committed to doing all we can to highlight the risks of buying and selling fake golfing goods. We have developed an in-depth, essential guide to spotting counterfeit golf clubs and equipment that we encourage you to share with any of your fellow golfers who may need a hand separating the genuine from the fake. And we’re constantly updating our advice to ensure it’s in line with current developments. Stay in touch with us on Instagram and Twitter to stay on top of the latest advice on spotting counterfeit golfing equipment.

Browse our range of 100% genuine second hand golf clubs, shafts, bags and accessories. Let us know if there’s something you’re looking for and our team of experts will do our best to help.

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