Brand focus: All about Odyssey Golf

If we mention Odyssey Golf, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? For the large majority of golfers, it’s Odyssey putters. So much so, that they’ve trademarked the slogan #1 putter in golf. It’s no surprise then that we’re going to focus heavily on putters in this brand focus article, but don’t forget that Odyssey also manufactures and sells golf bags and other golf accessories.
Let’s take a look at the evolution of the brand, and find out more about its famous putters.

A brief odyssey through the history of Odyssey

Odyssey started manufacturing putters back in 1991. It was founded by Gary Adams (who is also a founder of TaylorMade), along with a group of golfers, engineers and designers. Their mission was to create game-changing putters that redefined the putting market, and it’s safe to say they have achieved their goal.
It was in 1996 that Odyssey became more widely known and its popularity took off. This was because Nick Faldo won the 1996 Masters using an Odyssey Dual Force Rossie II. The following year, Odyssey was acquired by Callaway Golf, and from that moment on, it became the hottest putter brand on the market. Throughout the brand’s evolution, it has continued to be one of, if not the most sought-after brand when it comes to putting.
In 2000, Odyssey created the 2-Ball putter with two white discs as an alignment aid. The design was hugely popular and put Odyssey firmly on the map. Since then, the brand has continued to disrupt the putter market, constantly innovating and experimenting with new designs, materials and alignment systems.
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Most popular second-hand Odyssey putters

Odyssey’s White Hot Pro 2.0 takes some beating, as does the O-Works (which came in at number eight in our list of best-selling putters at golfclubs4cash) and the Stroke Lab putter (occupying the number six slot). But it was the 20-year-old Odyssey White Hot putter that reached the number two slot in our list (and you’ll have to check out the rest of the article to find out which putter bagged the number one spot).

Browse our selection of used Odyssey Putters
If you’re in the market for a great-quality second-hand putter then you won’t be disappointed with an Odyssey putter. Check out our buyers’ guide to putters to learn more about choosing the perfect putter for you. You might also be interested in our breakdown of popular putters by brand, and once you’ve found your dream putter, be sure to read our guide to perfecting your putting shot.
And… that’s a wrap on our brand focus on Odyssey Golf. Check out the rest of our Golf Brand Focus articles, featuring all the massive golf names you know and love!
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