PING: a world-famous golfing brand

Founded in 1959, PING is one of the most popular golf brands to be seen on the golf course. Manufacturers of all types of golf clubs, golf bags, clothing and accessories, and perhaps most famous for its putters, PING celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2019. 

Synonymous with precision and quality, it’s no wonder that it’s a brand that’s favoured by golf enthusiasts around the world. Let’s find out a little more about this enduring brand (and find out why it’s called PING!). 

The history of PING

PING is an American golfing brand that’s based in Phoenix, Arizona and was founded by Karsten Solheim in 1959. Just like so many other successful global brands, it started life as a humble garage business. Solheim was working as an engineer at General Electric, and decided to set up what would now be known as a ‘side hustle’ making putters in his garage in California. Using his background in scientific engineering, he invented and prototyped a new putter called the PING 1A, which intentionally transferred a lot of the weight of the clubhead to the perimeter (because the shaft was attached to the centre of the blade, rather than the heel).

By the end of 1960, he had made 2,000 putters by hand. Sales were obviously going well, because in 1967 he left his job to give PING his full attention.

That was a smart move, because decades later, PING continues to top the charts (only recently, Forbes crowned the PING G430 Max the best driver of 2023). While still focusing on putters (always appearing in our annual top 10 second hand putter lists), Solheim also went on to develop his first set of irons, called “69” - the score he considered to be good for a round of golf. 

PING went from strength to strength, and 1962 saw its first PGA tour victory when John Barnum won the Cajun Classic Open Invitational using PING clubs. Sales of PING putters exploded, and the brand enjoyed growing global attention. 

These days, PING has endorsement deals with many of the most famous professional golfers on the scene, including Bubba Watson and Lee Westwood. PING golf clubs can often be seen in the hands of other famous names at celebrity pro-ams around the world.

Why PING?!

The company name is actually called ‘Ping, Inc.’ but it was stylised as ‘PING’ for the branding. And the reason for the name itself? It’s the sound of the metal striking the ball!

PING’s legacy

Not only was PING the first golfing brand to offer factory fitting of a variety of different lies and offsets, but it was also the first brand to introduce a colour coding system. These coloured dots on each club indicate the lie angle of the club, so golfers can confidently buy clubs straight off the shelf (or online) knowing that they will be a good match for their swing and height.

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