Brand Focus - leading putter brand Scotty Cameron

There’s only really one name on people’s lips when it comes to the short game in golf, and that’s Scotty Cameron putters. It’s a brand that is synonymous with putters (although it also designs and makes other Scotty Cameron golf equipment too), and is known for its unique designs, precision milling, customisation and overall performance on the putting greens. Of all our used putters, Scotty Cameron is a firm favourite with our customers.

The brand is a firm favourite with world-leading golf pros such as Tiger Woods and Cam Smith, and what further endorsement do you need than that? So, let’s find out more about what makes this brand so special in the putting world.

A Scotty Cameron Cameron & Crown putter

The history of Scotty Cameron

Californian Don T. Scotty Cameron (“Scotty”) was introduced to golf by his dad, an insurance professional who played off a very respectable handicap of 2. A young Scotty spent hours in the garage with his father, tinkering with golf clubs, shaping club heads, dreaming up new designs and creating prototypes for testing. Their putter design philosophy was that the club head should look like it’s melting into the ground. Before his father passed away, he made it clear to Scotty that he thought he had a real talent, and urged him to pursue their mission. Scotty perfected his milling, shaping and finishing skills, and to this day the craftsmanship is what the brand is most well known for.

The brand rose through the ranks during the mid-90s, and in 1994 it was contracted to exclusively manufacture putters for the Acushnet Company and Titleist. These days, there is so much love for and interest in Scotty Cameron as a golf brand that it has its own museum and gallery in Tokyo.

A Scotty Cameron Newport 2.6 putter

Is a Scotty Cameron putter right for me?

If you’re eyeing up a Scotty Cameron putter, then that’s because you’re a fan of fantastic golf club craftsmanship and a premium look and feel. It’s by no means the cheapest putter brand on the market, but it is one of our most enduringly popular ones. That’s because our customers know that if they want to improve their putting technique then they need to invest in high-quality equipment. And because they’re buying second hand golf clubs and equipment, they can bag themselves a bargain used Scotty Cameron putter at a fraction of the usual retail price.

Looking for more information on second hand putters?

If you’re in the market for a new-to-you putter from Scotty Cameron or any of the other leading brands, we’ve got it all. Check out our range of used putters, and if you need help in deciding then you’ll find our buying guide for putters helpful. We’ve also written a guide to the best putter brands (which features Scotty Cameron, of course).

If there’s a particular Scotty Cameron putter you’ve got your heart set on, let us know and we’ll do our best to source it!