The 10 best-selling golf brands at golfclubs4cash

At golfclubs4cash, we are proud to offer Europe’s biggest range of second-hand golf clubs and accessories from all the leading golf brands. We were curious to find out which golf, above all others, that you love the most. So, we took a deep dive into the sales figures, crunched the numbers, and now, like the golfing version of Top of the Pops, we’re going to count them down from ten to one. It’s like if Smashie & Nicie did golf…

Join us as we count down the leading golf brands based on sales across drivers, fairways, wedges, putters, golf bags and a whole lot more.

10: Odyssey

How very poetic that Odyssey should come in at our first slot - number ten - as we venture on our very own golfing odyssey through our most popular golf brands. Odyssey putters and wedges are particularly well-known and highly sought-after. This number ten entry is a bit of a red herring, actually, because in 1997 Odyssey was acquired by Callaway Golf (and that’s not the last you’ll be hearing about them. So, while Callaway is the official ‘parent’ brand of Odyssey, we still think it deserves a place at number ten in its own right, if for no other reason than that an Odyssey putter is always in demand at golfclubs4cash.

When we took a look at the most popular putters at golfclubs4cash, Odyssey’s White Hot putter came in at number two. This is particularly notable since it’s been around for 20 years – a sure sign that new isn’t always better, and if it ain’t broke, then it don’t need fixin’.

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9: PXG

Parsons Xtreme Golf (PXG) is a golf brand that’s always being asked for at golfclubs4cash. It was founded by the businessman who also founded global hosting company – Bob Parsons. He’s a billionaire entrepreneur and philanthropist and he’s mad about golf.

A standout offering from the brand has to be its irons – PXG iron sets fly off our shelves. Known for their forgiveness, the performance of PXG irons is up there with the best of them. Read all about PXG and other top iron sets in our Ace Series: A guide to golf irons.

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8: Scotty Cameron

In at number eight is another golf brand that’s laser-focused on putters. Scotty Cameron putters need no introduction – it’s one of the most common putter choices for professional golfers at all the biggest golfing tournaments worldwide and an instantly recognisable brand. If you’re thinking of investing in your very own Scotty Cameron putter then you’ll find our buyers’ guide to putters very useful. And it should come as no surprise that Scotty Cameron putters featured strongly in our guide to the best used putters by brand.

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7: Cleveland Golf

Cleveland Golf is known for its innovative approach to the design of its clubheads, along with high-quality materials and ultra-modern technology. The brand’s best-known model and flagship offering is Cleveland wedges for its wedges. The Cleveland RTX wedge, for example, features unrivalled control, versatility and spin. But beyond wedges, Cleveland still has a lot to offer. Its drivers, irons, putters and fairway woods are also very popular.

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6: Mizuno

Based in Japan, Mizuno Golf was founded in 1906, so it’s fair to say they know a thing or two about golf club manufacture and design. Mizuno drivers, irons and hybrids are particularly popular at golfclubs4cash, and Mizuno wedges are an enduring favourite with our customers. The quality craftsmanship of each and every Mizuno golf club uses traditional Japanese precision techniques, and it's thanks to this that each club is engineered to perfection.

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